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A wet but fun Supersonic Saturday day at Leuchars


I have just dried out from attending last Saturday’s Supersonic Saturday event with Performance Portfolio at the Leuchars airbase.

When living in Scotland we are prepared for a fair amount of precipitation, however I think we got a month’s worth on Saturday.

We arrived early and set up our pop up shop which is in the form of a rather smart black Gazebo with EWC branding and our flag flying in the Fife breeze.

The day started dry and hundred of visitors arrived along with a fantastic selection of cars, some worth perhaps a few hundred and others in excess of a million pounds (the La Ferrari)

This was a first for the Supercar rental and experience business Performance Portfolio who are based in Edinburgh. This event was designed to allow drivers the enjoyment of sprinting their cars along a 1/4 mile straight with timing gear showing them their results. This beats a typical traffic light grand prix as it is not everyday that your neighbouring car will be a million pound + La Ferrari or a 1200 bhp Nissan GTR!

There were not just cars racing down the runway but also some super bikes brought along by local Ducati and Kawasaki dealers. They were brave as by the time they lined up the heavens had opened and I was just very glad to be watching from the relative comfort of my EWC gazebo.

Spectators could also join in the day and many of them had bought the chance of a thrilling supercar ride. My friend Clarke who shot some photos and video for EWC was a passenger in the La Ferrari and claimed it was an amazing and surreal experience to be propelled that quickly and i am sure much more exciting than as a passenger in the EWC Discovery!

We had our selection of watches with us and like all of our events it provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to come and see and hear more about what we do and often try on their favoured luxury watches.

By mid afternoon it became quite torrential and it was perhaps bordering on unsafe to continue and we packed up for our return back to Edinburgh. Overall a great day out and hopefully next year it will be dry!

Please check out our video of the day

We will be at Knockhill on the 4th for the Super Touring Cars Racing event so hope to perhaps see some of you there…lets just hope it stays dry.

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