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We will be pleased to consider your watch as a part exchange against a watch available for sale on the EWC Website.

Please contact EWC if  you are interested in trading in your watch. EWC will be pleased to inspect it in person (local to Edinburgh) or arrange for your watch to be delivered to EWC for inspection. Proof of purchase of the watch plus all associated paperwork including manufacturer guarantee details should be provided with the watch wherever possible. If EWC decides to buy your watch following our inspection we will provide you with an offer to purchase the watch. Confirmation of your acceptance of the offer must be provided to us in writing.

Upon receipt of your confirmation EWC will then deduct the proceeds against the purchase price of the new watch which you would like to purchase and invoice you for the balance. Our invoice is payable within 3 days of the date of invoice. Upon receipt of your payment in full for the invoice we will then despatch the watch to you.

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