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Pre-sale preparation and servicing

We are now pleased to offer watch servicing and repairs for your luxury timepiece via our service agent. Your watch will completed to a very high standard using the same company we use to prepare our watches and we are delighted to extend that facility to you.

We appreciate the inconvenience of being without your watch and are therefore able to complete services significantly quicker than most manufacturers service times and also priced very competitively.

Ultrasonic cleaning process

In this picture we show the case and bracelet about to enter an ultrasonic cleaning process. This carefully removes any dirt, grit and chemicals that through time can adhere to various watch parts. Once completed all parts are polished to a factory finish prior to being reassembled.

Pressure testing

This iconic Rolex Submariner is undergoing a pressure test to ensure it maintains the levels of water resistance to allow its owner if required to dive with it to a maximum of 1000 ft.

Minimum 12 month mechanical warranty

As part of our service schedule each watch is carefully assessed before work commences. The movement is then removed from the case and stripped before being rebuilt with all necessary replacement parts. Once assembled and reunited with its case and bracelet it then goes through a thorough timekeeping trial to ensure it meets levels of accuracy expected for a high quality timepiece. Each watch is then offered with a minimum 12 month mechanical warranty.

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