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Watch of the month


We are very fortunate here at EWC in that we see a wonderful collection of beautiful watches arriving each day all of which are hand picked for a potential future customer.

As I write today’s post on a rather dull Saturday in January on my desk catching my attention is one of my favourites in the Rolex sports range. Nick named “The Bluesy” based on it’s striking dial is our virtually unworn Rolex Submariner Date finished in stainless steel and 18ct yellow gold.

The look of this classic Rolex will be very familiar as it has been a best seller for Rolex probably as far back as the 1980’s when they chose to marry the colours of steel, gold and blue together to create a striking sports watch.

I often compare Rolex to Porsche with their 911 Carrera a design that was launched in 1965 and through the last 54 years has evolved yet still recognisable today. I think the Submariner is also similar with it’s familiar look yet now bristling with innovative features to be enjoyed. Let me expand on what the latest Bluesy Sub has!

In 2010 Rolex make a significant change to their classic Rolex Submariner. The case remained at 40mm which I think is the perfect size for an every day watch however they slightly widened the case lugs to give it a slightly bigger footprint on the wrist.

The dial was a flat blue which while attractive in my view and those of many others was not just quite as nice as the sunburst dial from the classic model. Rolex listened to their customers and in late 2013 introduced the sunburst dial to this watch which is the dial featured on this watch of the month.

For years the scientists at Rolex had been developing the concept of using ceramic for their bezel inserts and in 2007 the GMT Master 11 was launched with a ceramic bezel. This material was designed to be significantly more scratch resistant than the previously used aluminium bezel insert while also giving the watch a fresh look. Since then Rolex have managed the complex procedure of mixing two colours within the ceramic such as the Pepsi GMT Master. This latest model Submariner benefits from a blue ceramic bezel too.

To tell the time at night is a pretty useful feature but a watch requires a really decent amount of lume to achieve that. With it’s maxi dot dial the new Submariner does a really good job with a striking blue colour to it.

From around 2016 onwards Rolex also improved the accuracy of their superlative chronometers by reducing a tolerance of -4/+6 seconds per day to -2/+2 seconds making it one of the most accurate automatic wrist watches you can buy.

The final and obvious change to the Submariner was the introduction of the Glidelock bracelet. This originated in the Deep Sea Sea-Dweller model allowing an easy adjustment to the length of the bracelet without the need for tools. This  was principally designed for divers so it could be put on over a wet suit so was a great enhancement. The Submariner version while not quite the same does what it needs to do by allowing the owner to simply slide the bracelet within the clasp when the needs arises, such as a trip to a warmer country when the wrist can often expand.

So why would you want to buy this watch?

Well firstly to my eyes its a very handsome timepiece! It perfectly combines something luxurious with its precious metal yet also looks sporty too. Once fitted to your size it fits like a glove, not too heavy or too thick on the wrist and will fit underneath most shirt cuffs. As a tool watch it will take you to a depth of 1000ft so will be perfect for swimming, diving, a daily shower etc. Its case is in 904L grade stainless steel which Rolex make in-house. So for an everyday watch it is pretty tough and will only show light scratches to the bracelet.

Many of you reading this will be aware of the Rolex market place just now. With long waiting lists for most Rolex sports watches and significant premiums they can be quite expensive. However if this one takes your fancy we have it just under list and it comes with two years remaining of the Rolex warranty. Having only been worn a few times and with the Rolex stickers intact you’ll feel like you’ve bought a new watch. It’s unlikely you’ll find one in your local Rolex AD but we have this available now and would be delighted to show you it in person and perhaps take a part exchange too.


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