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Experience the ultimate track day with Destination Nurburgring


As we approach the end of summer and into the cooler months I share with you one of the highlights of our 2019 event season and hopefully some inspiration for you to tick one of the boxes on your bucket list.

Driving at The Nurburgring

The green hell, as it was affectionely named by Sir Jackie Stewart, is a 22.8 kilometer racetrack called The Nurburgring which is one of the most beautiful and most dangerous tracks in the world. Carved in the woods of the Eifel mountains, the Nürburgring is a sacred ground for all car enthusiasts.

This year I was invited to be the timing partner for The Scottish Motor Racing Club and I have the pleasure in sponsoring the championship leader Oly Mortimer as he pilots his highly tuned Mini Cooper S around Knockhill Race Circuit.

My passion for fine watches watches is matched by my love of owning and driving sports cars. I have my father to blame for this as it was his passion too when in his younger years he enjoyed racing Bentley’s and his stories encouraged me in my twenties to get on the race track. Sadly my talent was far removed from Sir Jackie Stewart but it was great fun and is something thirty years later that I still enjoy through my relationship with motorsport here in Scotland.

For those who have read an earlier blog you will have seen that for 2019 I entered into a sponsorship partnership with track day company Destination Nurburgring. The synergy between sports cars and luxury watches was a perfect fit and allowed EWC to build the brand with the Destination Nurburgring community.

Earlier this year EWC went on tour to participate in the DN21 one day event where we were on show with our watches and had the chance to meet the DN guests.

What makes this so worthwhile is that guests benefit from a private event that is built on 15 years of trackday experience across Europe by it’s owner Darren Langeveld, who is also a qualified ARDS instructor.

There are so many stories about the ring, some positive and some with a degree of risk! You can get on track for just 30 euros a lap but may do so in the company of a motorbike, van, tourist coach and maybe a driver with limited experience which often leads to many track closures. While the risks are there it is still a very popular activity and one I would encourage but perhaps just check your insurance.

However let me contrast that to you visiting a great hotel with a fantastic reputation, really helpful staff and you just knowing you will have a great experience each time you visit it.  That is the exact reason why each year DN guests return year after year as they are part of the DN community where they will meet new and old friends and enjoy getting back on track by a company that puts their safety and experience first.

As I write this post it is only a couple of weeks before we head back out to the Nurburgring to join the final event of the year (DN23) which is held over two days. As per usual the event was sold out weeks ago with a big waiting list most of whom many will need to await until next year.

Tick the box on the bucket list and book a trip to the ring here

So back to your bucket list.. if you would love to visit the Nurburgring I would thoroughly recommend you visit Darren’s website and get a date booked for next year, be quick as they sell out fast! Simply, you will have an incredible experience, you will be counting down the days until you get there and once on track visiting the green hell will in fact be a day trip to heaven and a lifetime memory! You can take your own car or rent a race car.

You can find out all about Destination Nurburgring, useful tips etc by visiting the website, but like EWC Darren offers a really personalised service and would welcome a call so he can help you get the most from your trip. Please click here

Happy motoring!


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