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Summertime here at EWC


With the sun shining this morning here in Edinburgh and this beautiful Rolex GMT Master soon to be leaving us and onto the wrist of it’s lucky new owner I took a quick snap to share this classic sports watch with you.

This is one of my favourite Rolex watches of all time. It dates back to the 1950’s when Rolex wanted to create a watch for their customers that travel the globe, but particularly for pilots.

Unlike a Submariner this has a dual time function via an extra red hour hand and also the bezel is designed to allow a pilot to easily see whether he/she is flying in am or pm with a blue/red split in colour.

I have seen these dramatically grow in desirability and price in the last couple of years, which I think was helped by Rolex introducing a ceramic Pepsi dial, but only for those with deep pockets as it was only manufactured in 18ct white gold. From a distance a casual admirer would not know the difference so for nearly £20000 less you can get this original stainless steel model which personally I think looks a little better.

My customer wanted something to be worn casually with jeans for that weekend look and I discussed how we had fitted a red Rubber B strap fitted to another watch we had previously. This time round we chose to fit the blue Rubber B strap and keep the deployant clasp so it can easily be taken on and off the wrist and retains most of the original watch.

I am sure you will agree that this looks fantastic and I am really looking forward to seeing it on my customers wrist next week.


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