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New 2016 model range for Rolex announced today!

This is the day watch dealers and enthusiasts across the world have been waiting for. Months of speculation and hopes of new models are for some dreams come true.

The most anticipated enhancement was the addition of a ceramic bezel to the Steel Rolex Daytona.

Along with a black ceramic bezel they have introduced a new white dial with black inner dials for the chronograph functions. What a fantastic looking watch and this will be THE watch to have in 2016 and no doubt for many years to come.

Equally when a new model is introduced the existing model is discontinued so for those buyers that prefer the original look I expect that any unsold watches will be flying off the shelves.  We have a lovely steel example with a white dial in mint condition.

It is not only the steel watch that got a new look for the yellow and white gold Daytona’s got a new green and blue dial and are very striking.

The Airking has been significantly changed and is now available with a 40mm case and with the green lettering and gold crown this is a great looking watch and at just over £4000 will be a top seller!

Last year Rolex brought out a variation of the Rolex Yacht Master by introducing Everose gold and a rubber Oysterflex bracelet. That in itself was a hit in 2015 and they have yet again introduced a magical colour scheme to the Yacht Master by introducing a Stainless Steel and Everose gold model with a striking brown or grey dial.

Prices have not significantly increased with the steel Daytona ay £8250 versus an old price of £7950 so all things being considered this is reasonable!

We expect the watches will arrive later this year and will be extremely hot property.

Here are a few snaps and more information can be found on the Rolex website


Rolex 116520 black dial Rolex 116520 Steel Rolex Air King 2 Rolex Daytona 18k blue dial Rolex Daytona 18k green dial Rolex Yachtmaster Grey Rolex Yacthmaster brownDay date 40mmRolex Datejust 28mm


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