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If Rolex Made Motorbikes!

Rolex Watch Part Bike
Our director reached the grand old age of 50 this year and  one of his closest friends wanted to buy him something special that captured his love of motorcycles and Rolex watches. What you see in these pictures is the result of a lot of internet searching, emails, phone calls and a fair amount of persuasion to create this beautiful bike.

DSC_0150This was made by a guy called Dan who lives in Toronto, Canada. Building these wonderful bikes is a hobby and leisure of love and joy. Each is handmade from vintage watch parts and painstakingly made into some amazing contraptions. If you look closely you will see Rolex crowns, cases and clasps along with parts from other watches. It now sits proudly on my mantle piece and is regularly taken down to show fascinated visitors.
Please have a look at Dan’s Facebook page where you will see many other completed bikes. You may even persuade him (with difficulty) to make one for you. Be patient though this took three months…..but believe me it is well worth the wait!

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