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EWC through the the eyes and words of a new customer


Earlier this year we signed up with a testimonial company called with the aim of creating an independent feedback option for our customers to share their experience of dealing with EWC.

As we almost approach out first 100 reviews with each one reaching a 5* rating we share our most recent one with you by a new customer whom we are delighted to read is very happy with his very rare Space X limited edition Tag Heuer. Please see our Reviews page for all reviews

For those of you who we have not helped in your search for a new watch or perhaps in the sale of your own we look forward to assisting you in the future.

Those of you who are existing customers I thank you for your loyalty and for being great Ambassadors of EWC and I look forward to our long term mutual passion for luxury watches.

Review No.96
…….As we set off for the day, the thought of buying another watch couldn’t have been further from my mind. We make our way around the arena I spot the stall of Edinburgh Watch Co (EWC) at the other end of the venue. I quietly said to myself I’ll have a sneaky wee peek when the wife’s not looking. Two rotating glass displays with three tiers in each, I wasn’t expecting to see anything exciting, but let’s have a browse anyway. Tags Heuer, Tudor, Rolex. all on display. OK, now my eyes and excitement perk up a little. But that was just the appetisers, the main course begins when I start to chat with the gentleman who owns this stall. He introduces himself as Jonathan Gilbert, and begins to tell me the history behind the watch I was looking at, with passion and detail that doesn’t come from just reading and repeating it back, but genuine enthusiasm and desire for high end luxury watches. Something I haven’t come across in a long time. He proceeds with a small explanation of how this company began and the vision he has in mind. I could chat and listen for hours. As we start to come to a conclusion on our deal, I am informed he doesnt have the box or the paperwork with him and also has no switch capabilities but could do a bank transfer on Monday morning, and he would be happy to accept a verbal sale and if that worked for me. I gave Jonathan all the relevant details he asks for and conclude our deal with a nice firm handshake. Stating I will be in touch when I have transfered the funds, and he can inform me of the tracking information. When the watch arrives, again I am pleasantly surprised as I find a note from Jonathan thanking me for my custom and wishing me many years of enjoyment with my watch. In future I will be recommending EWC and in particular Jonathan to anyone who is looking to purchase a luxury watch. With second to none knowledge and customer service to match”


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