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Daytona’s are coming!


I am a great fan of the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph for its iconic look and just a great watch to wear for all occasions.

Yesterday our beautiful yellow gold Daytona went to a new home where I know it will be cherished for years come. The balance of the 18ct gold case and brown crocodile strap is probably my favourite watch of all time. The beauty of the Daytona range is that Rolex offer it in stainless steel, stainless steel/18ct yellow gold, all gold in white, everose or yellow gold and then the finest of them all (should funds allow) in platinum. So with all these variants there is something for everyone!

The stainless steel Daytona is simply the hottest watch on the planet with massive waiting lists and prices ranging between £5000-£7000 over list if you cannot wait for your turn in the queue.

Our best selling model is in stainless steel and yellow gold. I feel it combines an elegant yet sporty look and can be worn with silver/gold jewellery whether enhancing a ladies or gents wrist. Traditionally this would have been a gents watch as it has a 40mm case but these days we find there are many ladies opting to wear a Daytona, which I think looks very cool!

With all things around Brexit our pound against the euro has taken a bit of a bashing so unfortunately our Daytona’s are a little more expensive than before however rather than being £5000 over list we have two completely unworn Daytona’s in stainless steel and yellow gold arriving next week at £1200 under Rolex RRP. So if you are thinking of a Daytona please take a look at our collection where we have a choice of a black or white dial.

Have great week!

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