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Whenever did chocolate look this good?


As a great fan of chocolate I wanted to share something that is Swiss and quite exquisite with you! This very fine chocolate comes from one of Switzerland’s most famous brands… Rolex.

Having carefully unwrapped this new arrival it looked good enough to eat and I have pleasure sharing some photos I took with you.

Aside from the stunning chocolate dial this is the legendary Rolex Daytona Cosmograph. Made famous by Paul Newman the Daytona has been a must have watch for over 50 years.

This model was announced in 2011/12 with a choice of the ivory or chocolate dial. It was also the first time that the Cerachrom Ceramic bezel was fitted to a Daytona and the overall look is fabulous.

The colour combination of chocolate, a gloss black bezel, the solid 18k Everose case and a black crocodile leather strap makes this a beautiful timepiece.

I have also seen the watch worn by friends with a brown Rubber strap which gives it a sporty look, is great for summer and of course makes for a totally waterproof watch.

These are very good sellers and can often be seen worn by either ladies or gentlemen as the 40mm case size in now very much a unisex size.

The watch lists at £19670 from Rolex agents. We are delighted to offer £4670 off this price bringing it down to £14995.00

This is one very delicious chocolate….if you can’t resist it please get in touch!



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