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Superlap Scotland Knockhill Round 4 & 5


EWC were supporting another round of the Superlap Scotland Championship last weekend for what was a great couple of days of motorsport at Knockhill Race Circuit.

The paddock was full of highly tuned cars ranging from a Renault Clio to a McLaren 650 LT!

Also supporting the SLS competitors was a round of the MG Trophy and British Sprint championship so plenty of action for all.

It was a good opportunity for myself to introduce EWC to the many drivers and learn more about the cars, the championship and the stories throughout the season.

One car and team that I would like to mention is the Disability Motorsport Scotland Audi Quattro. I had the pleasure meeting the team principal Colin Duthie along with his race driver Rob and the support team.

This was my highlight of the day! It is a team bursting with passion, talent and creating opportunities for disabled drivers who may want to compete in motorsport.

The teams objectives are:

  • To promote, develop and facilitate disability motorsports in Scotland.
  • To develop strong relationships across the private, public and voluntary sectors.
  • To provide free taster events for disabled drivers and develop the country’s first All-Ability Team, competing at amateur and professional levels.
  • To liaise with the government on agendas for disability, inclusiveness and sport to include social integration and to use motorsport as a divisional therapy.

Their driver Rab Jobson is clearly very talented and you can see that he was driving the R&J Motorsport almost on it’s door handles!

The car is an Audi A3 3.2 Quattro Tiptronic which has been stripped out, race tuned and fitted with hand controls. With over 250 horse power it provides a thrilling drive with the safety of four wheel drive.

Rob’s effort was rewarded as throughout the day as his times has improved and as a result he won the Edinburgh Watch Company Perfect Lap Award. It was my absolute pleasure to present him with the trophy and celebrate the success with all of the team

EWC is keen to support the Disability Motorsport Team so watch this space.

You can find out more about DMS by visiting this link.  DisabilityMotorsport For anyone wanting to support them I know Colin would welcome a call…perhaps an opportunity to sponsor this excellent charitable cause.

The last round is on the 18th September which will be a massive event as it ties in with the Paul Walker tribune.

Here are some snaps from the day and our sincere thanks to John at Flat-out photography for the excellent images

SL_40536 SL_40680 SL_40684 SL_40732 SL_40757 SL_40890 SL_41519 SL_41544 SL_41668 SL_41720

SL651994 SL651986SL641257 SL640524 SL640419 SL_41544

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