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Rolex GMT Master Seaking

Here we have something very very special and equally rare.

As one of only 123 watches to be made by Rolex this is a great investment watch which can be worn every day or stored safely for a future generation!

The Rolex GMT Master 11 in itself is a great member of the sports watches made by Rolex and it’s history goes back to the 1950’s. This watch is the latest generation with ceramic bezel, maxi dot dial and has a beautifully engineered case and bracelet.

Powering the watch is a Rolex Oyster Perpetual movement that has made the COSC Chronometer standard so an all round excellent timepiece.

You can buy these watches new on the High Street but you can’t get these limited editions so easily! They have all been sold and are now with Ex Navy officers and Rolex Collectors. We only know of one other for sale which is at £14000.00

This is a Limited Edition piece commissioned to celebrate and commemorate The Out Of Service Date in 2016 of The Famous Sea King Helicopter.

A group of fellow aviators of the aircraft spoke to a number of watch manufacturers of which include Breitling, Bremont and AP, following a number of meetings explaining how the aircraft had been utilised in every conflict since 1969, as well as SAR; it was agreed with Rolex that 179 pieces were to be made; the same number of air crafts originally purchased by the British. It was also decided that the piece would be sold exclusively to those associated with The Famous Sea King Helicopter, the watch would never be sold or released by Rolex as a collection. Eventually the manufacturing numbers were reduced to 123 pieces with number 001 in Solid 18k Gold and 002 in Stainless Steel.

The rear of the case is etched with an image of the Seaking helicopter and each watch has an individual number.

The watch is unworn with all of its protective stickers and would make an excellent and memorable gift…or just treat yourself.


Pictures can be seen in the Collection



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