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Ice Cream, Monaco, F1 and a very happy customer!

Today I feel honored to receive such a heartfelt testimonial from a new customer who I would like to introduce to you. Based through in Glasgow Riccardo Edoni and his brother now run the family business Edoni Refrigeration which was established in 1937.

For those of you who enjoy an Ice Cream there’s a pretty good chance it will have been made in an Edoni machine which Riccardo mentioned was the Rolex of the ice cream machines. As you will see from his story when Riccardo spotted our limited edition Monaco it struck a chord and reminded him of a very happy father and son experience together watching an F1 race in Monaco. Riccardo’s picture shows he now wears this striking watch while manufacturing his new machines. Please take a look @edoni1937 or here meantime I share Riccardo’s testimonial with you.

Known as ‘the finisher’ @edoni1937 Working with stainless steel takes time, patience and dedication to work with and bring it to life. This particular watch is special not only because its one of 169 in the world but of the fond memories I have with my father growing up watching F1 and even flying over to the Monaco GP which was a surprise 70th birthday gift for my father.

Myself, different styles and textures of stainless steel made for our bespoke icecream machinery for customers around Scotland and the rest of the UK…The Monaco suits perfectly!

The watch sells itself, however, what sold it most importantly was Jonathan’s video of the piece. The passion and detail he went into describing the watch was first class and he even sent over a personalised video to view in more depth.

I Highly recommend EWC to anyone looking for an experience that’s little more special than others. I would go as far as to say Jonathan’s knowledge and professionalism is unrivalled.

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