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EWC meets Scottish Watches for some watch chat, car chat and life at EWC


It’s been a while since we put pen to paper but wanted to use our “News” page to introduce you to a great and  relatively new watch community called Scottish Watches.

Since they (Rikki and Rick) began in early 2019 and following a mutual passion for all things horological they have built a fabulous community initially by hosting bi-weekly podcasts, creating a facebook group, website and collaborating with other likeminded people to create fun and interesting content.

I met them both earlier in the year and joined them for a podcast and as I write today they are expanding their offering to include video chat and kindly invited me as a guest to their first show.

In the video we talk about the last 5 years of life at EWC and also chew the fat on a collection of 16 luxury watches from our current collection.

See the video here:

Scottish Watches don’t take life too seriously and gives an honest view on the latest watches, the watch market, events etc.

You can join their community by the following the links below:





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