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EWC joins the Cobra Drivers Club “Rest and Be Thankful” Rally

You may remember in June we joined a great event down Le Mans with Classic Car Tours well with thanks to their MD Bill Telford we had the chance to join another rally on Saturday but this time in Scotland.

This annual event is for the owners of the Cobra Drivers Club and like last year part of the rally includes an exciting sprint up the old “Rest and be Thankful” road. This is a private road which we had sole access to. This year it has been resurfaced so was an absolute delight to drive on but required an element of caution as it was single track with little room for error.

The day started off at the Deanston Distillery in Doune where around 30 cars arrived to meet and greet and enjoy a mug of coffee and bacon roll.

There was a very broad selection from a Mini (The EWC mini) to a beautiful Ferrari and a great selection of american muscle cars and of course some wonderful Cobra’s

The route was excellent and took in a stunning views and multiple corners to enjoy!

The JCW Mini was was very well suited to the sprint and with just over 280 hp was a hoot to drive.

The day finished at Inverary Castle for lunch and a chance to reflect on an excellent morning of driving.

There were many watch enthusiasts among the group who like their classic cars enjoy the fine engineering that goes into a good Swiss watch.

Here are some snaps from the day.



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