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Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner



Arriving at the end of new week we are pleased to have sourced a very rare late model bi-metal Submariner.

This is one of Rolex’s best selling sports watches due to it’s beautiful combination of colours and precious metals.

This particular watch was manufactured in 2008 and has the popular rehaut dial (an inner dial engraved with the name ROLEX and it’s unique serial number)

The watch is in beautiful condition having recently had a light polish.  The bracelet is very tight and shows little sign of wear.

Prices have continued to rise on this model and as one of the last made we would predict it to be a good wearable investment. The replacement model now retails at £8995.00

Included with the watch is the inner and outer box, Rolex authentication card and instructionn manual, so a complete set!

More pictures will follow when it arrives.


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