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Today I share with you a post written by a good friend of mine called Jamie Lees.  Jamie has been helping me over the last 6 months to build my social media presence via Instagram from 300 to over 10,000 followers. We don’t buy followers which we think is an artificial way to grow a social media following but instead aim to share quality images and videos of stunning cars and watches we are both pleased has had such a positive reaction.

Instagram followers are global yet many are on our own doorstep here in Edinburgh and has resulted in some new business being won and the start of a valuable new customer  relationship.

As I write I am having a new website built by a great company called Fatbuzz who are based through in Glasgow and we hope to launch that in April which will include various social feeds including Instagram. So here’s Jamie’s post below. If you love all things cars and watches then please visit his website Brawnation.  If you are thinking of starting an Instagram strategy may be Jamie can help you too, he has just started supporting two other friends of EWC to build their Instagram following!

Cars and Watches by Jamie Lees

Cars and watches have always been something that goes together perfectly. Starting in the 1960’s with racing drivers being able to accurately record their lap times from the comfort of their own driving seat.  Miles away from being a fashion accessory, these new watches were a relief from using large stopwatches which racing drivers had been strapping to their arms up until then.

You may not have known that the popular Rolex Daytona is named after Daytona International Speedway in Florida. The very first models were designed and developed with racing professionals in mind. This is just one example, many other watch manufacturers either had their own model or special editions made for their automotive marques such as; Breitling and Bentley, Vacheron & Constantin and Maserati, Parmigiani Fleurier and Bugatti, Chopard and Alfa-Romeo, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston-Martin, IWC and Mercedes-AMG, and Ferrari and Panerai are but a few of the marriages. Other brands, such as Oris, Omega and TAG-Heuer sponsor F1 drivers, while TAG-Heuer and Chopard commemorate race tracks.

I like to think about it like this; on a Ferrari each and every piece has been put together with great care and attention. They are where they are now after 78 years of refining their products. Rolex has been refining its time pieces for over 112 years now. These products are built with passion, incredible attention to detail and of course the finest materials available.

The thing is, I work promoting brands on social media, I enjoy photography and I’m passionate about cars and watches. I’d always wanted to combine them all and help promote a reputable brand online.

Coincidentally last summer I came across the Edinburgh Watch Company exhibiting at Super Car Scotland at Knock Hill Racing Circuit. I was intrigued and couldn’t resist proposing my idea to them.

Edinburgh Watch Company specialise in buying and selling pre-owned luxury Swiss watches from famous brands including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Breitling and Omega.

I’d like to mention that Edinburgh Watch Company was founded by Jonathan Gilbert, a very keen petrol head with a passion for quality time pieces.  Reading the Edinburgh Watch Company blog I discovered that Jonathan had been taking the brand to almost every motoring show in Scotland. This was a great opportunity for me.

Jonathan is also a senior management professional with 30 years’ experience in leadership, business strategy, sales and business development so I had to make a good impression.

Jonathan received my proposal graciously  and we began working together. The partnership works well. Since we began this campaign the Edinburgh Watch Company Instagram has gained over 10,000 followers in the UK. Putting the right timepiece with the right car in the background could sometimes be hard; the combination had to work nicely, we had to find something fitting. However people love to see, we enjoy doing it  and if we get it right we’d find a buyer minutes after posting online, for example; a Stainless steel Rolex Daytona with a Ford Gt40.

Our objective is clear, find more cars, get more watches and take more pictures. It’s brilliant. I believe in the brands I promote. It’s one thing promoting brands online and it’s another converting any leads I get into sales.  Jonathan provides an excellent service based on honesty and trust. I’m confident he will deal with everything properly, and thus sell watches.

In 2017 Jonathan and I will be working together to find the best car and watch combinations as a unique way to showcase his watches.

Jamie Lees


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