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Big Bang!

Here something very special for you to wake up to on Sunday morning.

We have our first ever Hublot Big Bang and wow what a watch to join our collection.

Hublot needs no introduction and it is one of the most desirable luxury brands now especially with their prominent links to Ferrari and F1. Worn by superstars such as Pele, Bolt and multiple soccer stars the brand has a massive following built on a desire for Hublot’s design and technical masterpieces with values ranging from a few thousand pounds to over a million for some of their exotic collection.



We share with you what for many will be a grail watch for this beauty is finished in 18ct red gold and is mounted on a striking looking but also very comfortable rubber strap.


This is the Hublot Big Bang Ceramic and while now eight or so years old as a design is still very much a current model which retails at £25200 in your local Hublot stockist.

I think that our 2008 watch is a great example of why to buy pre-owned and minimise your depreciation and in many ways similar to buying a pre-owned Ferrari or a Bentley. This is like a very low mileage example that has been cherished and fully serviced before being put out on the forecourt. Our Hublot Big Bang was treated to a £1000 service last year and has literally only been worn a couple of times since and is superb value giving the owner exactly the same look as a new watch at just over half price!


The 44m case combines 18ct red gold with a ceramic bezel giving it a distinct look but also quite practical as the ceramic bezel can take the knocks much better than a bezel made in gold which is so much softer. Audemars Piguet similarly do this with their Off Shore models.

Functionality includes a chronograph and date and the ability to enjoy it while swimming too as it I see waterproof to 100m.  It also has a useful 42 hour power reserve too!

If you are considering a sports watch in the £10k-£15k budget this is well worth a look and would make a great addition to any watch collection.

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