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5* service… our first 500 customer reviews

Happy customers is something that really makes us tick here at EWC and as I write this post today is a big milestone in our customer experience journey.

Hearing what our customers think allows us to constantly aim for improvement and we chose to use an independent testimonial company to gather feedback.

We selected who are leading company assisting consumers and businesses across the UK where their platform enables each customer who buys a watch from us to write a review which is then shared for anyone to see without any intervention from ourselves.

Today we hit 500 reviews all of which were rated 5* and for that we are very proud of but more importantly are delighted that each of these customers are happy with their EWC luxury watch.

I know many of our customers will read this and I sincerely thank you. For those of you who are not yet a customer we really look forward to giving you a 5* experience too.

Please take a look here to see what our customers say…

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